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Content last updated: 15 Dec 2011


Almost all the records of the birds of Sutton Park listed here are due to Dr Stefan Bodnar. He is no longer based at the Park, so that records have not been systematically updated after the year 2000. The 'status codes' used throughout these checklists are not really suited to mobile species such as birds; 'P' for Present includes both resident breeding birds and birds which regularly pass through the Park.

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Notes on the Species
Family Gaviidae  
Gavia immer   Great Northern Diver P 1984
Family Podicipedidae  
Tachybaptus ruficollis   Little Grebe P 2000
Podiceps cristatus   Great Crested Grebe P 2000
Podiceps nigricollis   Black-necked Grebe P 1987
Family Phalacrocoracidae  
Phalacrocorax carbo   Cormorant P 1999
Phalacrocorax aristotelis   Shag P 1977
Family Ardeidae  
Botaurus stellaris   Bittern P 1974
Ixobrychus minutus   Little Bittern D
Egretta garzetta   Little Egret L 1836
Ardea cinerea   Grey Heron P 2000
Family Ciconiidae  
Ciconia ciconia   White Stork D
Family Anatidae  
Cygnus olor   Mute Swan P 2000
Cygnus columbianus   Bewick's Swan P 1981
Cygnus cygnus   Whooper Swan L 1895
Cygnus atratus   Black Swan L 1989
Anser fabalis   Bean Goose D
Anser albifrons   White-fronted Goose P 1979
Anser anser   Greylag Goose P 1999
Anser caerulescens (including hybrids)   Snow Goose D
Anser indicus   Bar-headed Goose P 1998
Branta canadensis   Canada Goose P 2000
Branta leucopsis   Barnacle Goose D
Tadorna tadorna   Shelduck P 1991
Aix galericulata   Mandarin [C] P 1996
Aix sponsa   Wood Duck P 1975
Anas penelope   Wigeon P 2000
Anas strepera   Gadwall P 1997
Anas crecca   Teal P 2000
Anas platyrhynchos   Mallard P 2000
Anas acuta   Pintail P 1982
Anas querquedula   Garganey P 1987
Anas clypeata   Shoveler P 1998
Netta rufina   Red-crested Pochard P 1977
Aythya ferina   Pochard P 2000
Aythya fuligula   Tufted Duck P 2000
Aythya marila   Scaup P 1994
Melanitta nigra   Common Scoter P 1988
Bucephala clangula   Goldeneye P 2000
Mergus albellus   Smew P 1993
Mergus serrator   Red-breasted Merganser P 1979
Mergus merganser   Goosander P 2000
Oxyura jamaicensis   Ruddy Duck [C] P 1999
Family Accipitridae  
Circus cyaneus   Hen Harrier P 1974
Circus pygargus   Montagu's Harrier L 1957
Accipiter gentilis   Goshawk D
Accipiter nisus   Sparrowhawk P 2000
Buteo buteo   Buzzard P 1999
Family Pandionidae  
Pandion haliaetus   Osprey P 1998
Family Falconidae  
Falco tinnunculus   Kestrel P 2000
Falco columbarius   Merlin P 1997
Falco subbuteo   Hobby P 2010
Falco peregrinus   Peregrine D
Family Tetraonidae  
Lagopus lagopus   Red Grouse There were unconfirmed reports in 1992; Dr S Bodnar reported seeing a bird in 1999. These may have been deliberate introductions. There have been no reports since. L 1999
Tetrao tetrix   Black Grouse L 1897
Family Phasianidae  
Alectoris rufa   Red-legged Partridge P 1994
Perdix perdix   Grey Partridge P 1998
Coturnix coturnix   Quail P 1981
Phasianus colchicus   Pheasant [C] P 1997
Chrysolophus pictus   Golden Pheasant [C] M 2011
Family Rallidae  
Rallus aquaticus   Water Rail P 1992
Porzana porzana   Spotted Crake L 1880~
Crex crex   Corncrake L 1965-
Gallinula chloropus   Moorhen P 2000
Fulica atra   Coot P 2000
Family Haematopodidae  
Haematopus ostralegus   Oystercatcher P 1994
Family Charadriidae  
Charadrius dubius   Little Ringed Plover P 1986
Charadrius hiaticula   Ringed Plover P 1994
Pluvialis apricaria   Golden Plover P 1990
Vanellus vanellus   Lapwing P 1997
Calidris canutus   Knot L 1974
Calidris alba   Sanderling L 1966
Calidris alpina   Dunlin P 1992
Family Scolopacidae  
Lymnocryptes minimus   Jack Snipe P 1997
Gallinago gallinago   Snipe P 2010
Gallinago media   Great Snipe L 1955
Scolopax rusticola   Woodcock P 2000
Limosa lapponica   Bar-tailed Godwit L 1964
Numenius phaeopus   Whimbrel P 1977
Numenius arquata   Curlew P 2010
Tringa totanus   Redshank P 1996
Tringa nebularia   Greenshank P 1984
Tringa melanoleuca   Greater Yellowlegs D
Tringa ochropus   Green Sandpiper P 1983
Actitis hypoleucos   Common Sandpiper P 1998
Arenaria interpres   Turnstone P 1985
Family Laridae  
Larus minutus   Little Gull P 1981
Larus ridibundus   Black-headed Gull P 2000
Larus canus   Common Gull P 1997
Larus fuscus   Lesser Black-backed Gull P 2000
Larus argentatus ssp. argentatus   Herring Gull P 2000
Larus michahellis (L. argentatus ssp. cachinnans)   Yellow-legged Gull P 1999
Larus glaucoides   Iceland Gull L 1962
Larus marinus   Greater Black-backed Gull P 1994
Rissa tridactyla   Kittiwake P 1984
Family Sternidae  
Sterna sandvicensis   Sandwich Tern P 1975
Sterna hirundo   Common Tern P 1999
Sterna paradisaea   Arctic Tern P 1990
Sterna albifrons   Little Tern P 1984
Chlidonias niger   Black Tern P 1992
Family Columbidae  
Columba livia   Feral Pigeon P 1999
Columba oenas   Stock Dove P 2010
Columba palumbus   Wood Pigeon P 2000
Streptopelia decaocto   Collared Dove P 1999
Streptopelia turtur   Turtle Dove P 1993
Family Psittacidae  
Psittacula krameri   Rose-ringed Parakeet, Ring-necked Parakeet [C] P 1991
Family Cuculidae  
Cuculus canorus   Cuckoo P 2010
Family Tytonidae  
Tyto alba   Barn Owl P 2000
Family Strigidae  
Athene noctua   Little Owl [C] P 1995
Strix aluco   Tawny Owl P 2000
Asio otus   Long-eared Owl P 1979
Asio flammeus   Short-eared Owl P 1991
Family Caprimulgidae  
Caprimulgus europaeus   Nightjar P 1979
Family Apodidae  
Apus apus   Swift P 1999
Family Alcedinidae  
Alcedo atthis   Kingfisher P 2010
Family Upupidae  
Upupa epops   Hoopoe D
Family Picidae  
Jynx torquilla   Wryneck D
Picus viridis   Green Woodpecker P 2002
Dendrocopos major   Great Spotted Woodpecker P 2010
Dendrocopos minor   Lesser Spotted Woodpecker P 1997
Family Alaudidae  
Lullula arborea   Woodlark P 1999
Alauda arvensis   Skylark P 1999
Family Hirundinidae  
Riparia riparia   Sand Martin P 1999
Hirundo rustica   Swallow P 1999
Delichon urbica   House Martin P 1999
Family Motacillidae  
Anthus trivialis   Tree Pipit P 1999
Anthus pratensis   Meadow Pipit P 2010
Anthus petrosus   Rock Pipit L 1959
Motacilla flava   Yellow Wagtail P 2010
Motacilla cinerea   Grey Wagtail P 2010
Motacilla alba yarrellii   Pied Wagtail P 2000
Motacilla alba alba   White Wagtail P 1993
Family Bombycillidae  
Bombycilla garrulus   Waxwing P 1992
Family Cinclidae  
Cinclus cinclus   Dipper L 1949
Family Troglodytidae  
Troglodytes troglodytes   Wren P 2000
Family Prunellidae  
Prunella modularis   Dunnock P 2000
Family Turdidae  
Erithacus rubecula   Robin P 2000
Luscinia megarhynchos   Nightingale L 1965-
Phoenicurus ochruros   Black Redstart L 1999
Phoenicurus phoenicurus   Redstart P 2010
Saxicola rubetra   Whinchat P 2010
Saxicola torquata   Stonechat P 2010
Oenanthe oenanthe   Wheatear P 2010
Turdus torquatus   Ring Ouzel P 1988
Turdus merula   Blackbird P 2000
Turdus pilaris   Fieldfare P 1999
Turdus philomelos   Song Thrush P 2002
Turdus iliacus   Redwing P 2000
Turdus viscivorus   Mistle Thrush P 2000
Family Sylviidae  
Locustella naevia   Grasshopper Warbler P 2010
Acrocephalus schoenobaenus   Sedge Warbler P 1998
Acrocephalus scirpaceus   Reed Warbler P 1994
Hippolais polyglotta   Melodious Warbler D
Sylvia curruca   Lesser Whitethroat P 2010
Sylvia communis   Whitethroat P 2010
Sylvia atricapilla   Blackcap P 2010
Sylvia borin   Garden Warbler P 1999
Phylloscopus sibilatrix   Wood Warbler P 2010
Phylloscopus collybita   Chiffchaff P 1999
Phylloscopus trochilus   Willow Warbler P 2010
Regulus regulus   Goldcrest P 2000
Regulus ignicapillus   Firecrest P 1997
Family Muscicapidae  
Muscicapa striata   Spotted Flycatcher P 2010
Ficedula hypoleuca   Pied Flycatcher P 1993
Family Aegithalidae  
Aegithalos caudatus   Long-tailed Tit P 2000
Family Paridae  
Parus palustris   Marsh Tit P 1997
Parus montanus   Willow Tit P 2010
Parus ater   Coal Tit P 2000
Parus caeruleus   Blue Tit P 2000
Parus major   Great Tit P 2000
Family Sittidae  
Sitta europaea   Nuthatch P 2002
Family Certhiidae  
Certhia familiaris   Treecreeper P 2000
Family Oriolidae  
Oriolus oriolus   Golden Oriole P 1979
Family Laniidae  
Lanius collurio   Red-backed Shrike L 1965
Lanius senator   Woodchat Shrike One only! L 1999
Lanius minor   Lesser Grey Shrike D
Lanius excubitor   Great Grey Shrike P 1976
Family Corvidae  
Garrulus glandarius   Jay P 2000
Pica pica   Magpie P 2000
Corvus monedula   Jackdaw P 1999
Corvus frugilegus   Rook P 1996
Corvus corone corone   Carrion Crow P 2000
Corvus corone cornix   Hooded Crow P 1981
Corvus corax   Raven P 2010
Family Sturnidae  
Sturnus vulgaris   Starling P 1999
Sturnus roseus   Rose-coloured Starling L 1890
Family Passeridae  
Passer domesticus   House Sparrow P 1999
Passer montanus   Tree Sparrow P 1997
Family Fringillidae  
Fringilla coelebs   Chaffinch P 2000
Fringilla montifringilla   Brambling P 1999
Carduelis chloris   Greenfinch P 2000
Carduelis carduelis   Goldfinch P 2000
Carduelis spinus   Siskin P 2010
Carduelis cannabina   Linnet P 2010
Carduelis flavirostris   Twite D
Carduelis flammea   Common Redpoll L 1996
Carduelis cabaret (C. flammea ssp. cabaret)   Lesser Redpoll S. Bodnar treated C. cabaret as as a subspecies of C. flammea, with records listed under the latter name. The two are now regarded as separate species. P 2010
Loxia curvirostra   Crossbill P 1991
Pyrrhula pyrrhula   Bullfinch P 2000
Coccothraustes coccothraustes   Hawfinch P 1975
Family Emberizidae  
Plectrophenax nivalis   Snow Bunting L 1923
Emberiza citrinella   Yellowhammer P 1999
Emberiza schoeniclus   Reed Bunting P 2000
Miliaria calandra   Corn Bunting P 1994