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Content last updated: 23 Jun 2017

Micros (smaller moths) Butterflies Macros (larger moths)


This checklist was initially prepared by L.J. Evans based on his personal observations and collections from Sutton Park, mainly over the period 1940-86. A significant number of his records are undated. Notes on the species, such as "common" or "occasional" are due to him, and thus relate to the period in which he was active. Some of the other records are from a list for Sutton Park supplied by the now defunct Invertebrate Site Register (ISR); a number of these appear to be duplicates, possibly because the same original record was reported to the ISR at different times by different people. Records have not been regularly updated after the late 1990s, although there has been frequent moth trapping in the park.

Latin names used in the list are based on the Systematic List of UK Moths (including butterflies). Where there have been name changes, the Bradley & Fletcher (1979) and the Emmet & Heath (1991) names are always given as synonyms. Where possible, English names have been added for the benefit of the non-specialist. Records are arranged by the systematic family order and then alphabetically by Latin name.

Records are presented in three sections: the smaller and generally more primitive moths ('micros'), the butterflies, and the larger moths ('macros'). These sections have no scientific status; rather they reflect the degree of interest shown by naturalists.

The butterflies and larger moths are defined here as all the families from the Hesperiidae (skippers) onwards in the Bradley & Fletcher list, together with four other families which are traditionally included in the macrolepidoptera but which are more closely related to other microlepidopteran families: Hepialidae, Cossidae, Sesiidae and Zygaenidae. The majority of the records of the macrolepidoptera are by L.J. Evans, being based on work undertaken by him since about 1940 and up to about 1986. The date for these is given as 1965~ unless a more specific date is known.

There are very few records of the microlepidoptera of Sutton Park. In view of the scarcity of records, the list includes information from the Victoria County History. Unfortunately, this work generally does not give the locality in more detail than 'Sutton Coldfield'. In most cases, the assignment to Sutton Park was carried out by L.J. Evans, based on his knowledge that some recorders (e.g. S.E.W. Carlier and R.C. Bradley) collected only or mainly in Sutton Park, although species were excluded if their food plant was not known to occur in the park. Clearly, this assignment must be considered tentative, and species not recorded later are in need of confirmation. Records for a considerable number of the species of the microlepidoptera are based on the identification of the mines produced by the larvae rather than of the adult moths.

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The species name will be highlighted if it was not listed as Present in the latest edition of the booklet covering this group.

Notes on the Species
Family Micropterigidae  
Micropterix aruncella P 1988
Micropterix aureatella P 1988
Micropterix calthella M 1904-
Micropterix tunbergella P 1988
Family Eriocraniidae  
Dyseriocrania subpurpurella (Eriocrania subpurpurella) P 2000
Eriocrania semipurpurella P 1984
Eriocrania sparrmannella P 1988
Eriocrania unimaculella M 1898~
Family Nepticulidae  
Bohemannia pulverosella (Ectoedemia pulverosella (40)) P 1984
Ectoedemia albifasciella P 1984
Ectoedemia angulifasciella P 1984
Ectoedemia atricollis P 1984
Ectoedemia heringi P 1984
Ectoedemia occultella (E. argentipedella) P 1984
Ectoedemia septembrella (Fomoria septembrella) P 1985
Ectoedemia subbimaculella P 1984
Ectoedemia weaveri (Fomoria weaveri) P 1985
Stigmella alnetella P 1984
Stigmella anomalella   Rose Leaf Miner P 1984
Stigmella atricapitella P 1984
Stigmella aurella P 1988
Stigmella basiguttella P 1983
Stigmella betulicola P 1983
Stigmella confusella P 1984
Stigmella continuella P 1983
Stigmella floslactella M 1904-
Stigmella hemargyrella P 1988
Stigmella hybnerella P 1984
Stigmella incognitella (S. pomella) P 1984
Stigmella lapponica P 1984
Stigmella lemniscella (S. marginicolella) P 1984
Stigmella luteella P 1984
Stigmella malella   Apple Pygmy P 1984
Stigmella microtheriella P 1989
Stigmella nylandriella P 1984
Stigmella oxyacanthella P 1984
Stigmella perpygmaeella P 1984
Stigmella plagicolella P 1984
Stigmella pyri P 1989
Stigmella regiella P 1984
Stigmella roborella P 1983
Stigmella ruficapitella P 1984
Stigmella sakhalinella (S. distinguenda) P 1983
Stigmella salicis P 1984
Stigmella sorbi P 1984
Stigmella splendidissimella P 1983
Stigmella tityrella P 1984
Stigmella ulmivora P 1984
Family Heliozelidae  
Heliozela resplendella P 1989-
Heliozela sericiella P 1966
Family Adelidae  
Adela reaumurella Common most years. P 1988
Nematopogon metaxella (Nemophora metaxella) D
Nematopogon schwarziellus P 1966
Nematopogon swammerdamella P 1984
Nemophora degeerella P 1988
Family Incurvariidae  
Incurvaria masculella P 1988
Incurvaria oehlmanniella (Lampronia oehlmanniella) P 1966
Incurvaria pectinea P 1957
Phylloporia bistrigella P 1984
Family Prodoxidae  
Lampronia corticella (L. rubiella)   Raspberry Moth M 1924
Lampronia luzella M 1889
Family Tischeriidae  
Coptotriche marginea (Tischeria marginea) P 1984
Tischeria ekebladella P 1984
Family Psychidae  
Psyche casta P 1985~
Taleporia tubulosa P 1985~
Family Tineidae  
Monopis laevigella (M. rusticella)   Skin Moth M 1904-
Nemapogon cloacella   Cork Moth P 1984
Triaxomera fulvimitrella M 1892
Triaxomera parasitella P 1985~
Family Roeslerstammiidae  
Roeslerstammia erxlebella P 1988
Family Bucculatricidae  
Bucculatrix bechsteinella (B. crataegi) P 1984
Bucculatrix cidarella P 1988
Bucculatrix ulmella P 2009
Family Gracillariidae  
Callisto denticulella P 1984
Caloptilia alchimiella M 1904-
Caloptilia betulicola P 1984
Caloptilia elongella P 1987
Caloptilia stigmatella P 1984
Gracillaria syringella (Caloptilia syringella) P 1984
Parornix anglicella P 1984
Parornix betulae P 1983
Parornix devoniella P 1989
Parornix scoticella P 1984
Phyllonorycter anderidae P 1984
Phyllonorycter blancardella P 1985~
Phyllonorycter cavella P 1983
Phyllonorycter coryli   Nut Leaf Blister Moth P 1989
Phyllonorycter corylifoliella P 1984
Phyllonorycter froelichiella P 1985~
Phyllonorycter geniculella P 1984
Phyllonorycter harrisella P 1988
Phyllonorycter hilarella (Ph. spinolella) P 1984
Phyllonorycter junoniella P 1984
Phyllonorycter klemannella P 1985~
Phyllonorycter maestingella P 1984
Phyllonorycter messaniella P 1985-
Phyllonorycter muelleriella P 1984
Phyllonorycter oxyacanthae P 1984
Phyllonorycter quercifoliella P 1984
Phyllonorycter rajella P 1984
Phyllonorycter salicicolella P 1984
Phyllonorycter sorbi P 1986
Phyllonorycter spinicolella (Ph. pomonella) P 1984
Phyllonorycter stettinensis P 1985~
Phyllonorycter trifasciella P 1983
Phyllonorycter ulmifoliella P 1984
Family Yponomeutidae  
Cedestis subfasciella P 1985
Ocnerostoma piniariella P 1985
Swammerdamia caesiella P 1984
Swammerdamia pyrella P 1966
Yponomeuta cagnagella   Spindle Ermine P 1965~
Yponomeuta malinellus   Apple Ermine P 1985
Yponomeuta padella   Orchard Ermine P 1966
Family Ypsolophidae  
Ypsolopha nemorella M 1940-
Ypsolopha parenthesella P 1966
Ypsolopha ustella P 1984
Ypsolopha vittella P 1966
Family Plutellidae  
Plutella xylostella   Diamond-back Moth P 2000
Family Glyphipterigidae  
Glyphipterix equitella (G. minorella) M 1904-
Glyphipterix fuscoviridella M 1904-
Glyphipterix haworthana P 1984
Glyphipterix simpliciella   Cocksfoot Moth P 1985~
Glyphipterix thrasonella P 1985~
Family Argyresthiidae  
Argyresthia bonnetella P 1984
Argyresthia brockeella P 1987
Argyresthia conjugella   Apple Fruit Moth P 1984
Argyresthia curvella M 1900-
Argyresthia goedartella P 2000
Argyresthia pygmaeella P 1985~
Argyresthia retinella P 1984
Argyresthia semifusca M 1900-
Argyresthia sorbiella P 1985~
Family Lyonetiidae  
Leucoptera malifoliella (L. scitella)   Pear Leaf Blister Moth P 1984
Leucoptera spartifoliella M 1945~
Lyonetia clerkella   Apple Leaf Miner P 1983
Family Scythropiidae  
Scythropia crataegella   Hawthorn Moth P 1984
Family Oecophoridae  
Alabonia geoffrella M 1904-
Endrosis sarcitrella   White-shouldered House-moth P 1966
Esperia sulphurella P 1984
Hofmannophila pseudospretella   Brown House-moth P 1985~
Tachystola acroxantha   Ruddy Streak P 2017
Family Chimabachidae  
Diurnea fagella P 1985-
Diurnea lipsiella (D. phryganella) M 1904-
Family Lypusidae  
Amphisbatis incongruella P nd
Family Peleopodidae  
Carcina quercana P 2000
Family Depressariidae  
Agonopterix arenella P 1985~
Agonopterix heracliana M 1904-
Agonopterix nervosa M 1945~
Agonopterix ocellana P 1987
Agonopterix umbellana (A. ulicetella) P 2000
Depressaria radiella (D. pastinacella)   Parsnip Moth P 1966
Family Cosmopterigidae  
Limnaecia phragmitella P 1985~
Family Gelechiidae  
Anacampsis blattariella Uncommon in Warwickshire. P 1966
Aristotelia ericinella P 1989
Athrips mouffetella (Rhynchopacha mouffetella) M 1904-
Bryotropha affinis P 1984
Bryotropha terrella P 1984
Carpatolechia fugitivella (Teleiodes fugitivella) P 1966
Carpatolechia notatella (Teleiodes notatella) P 1984
Carpatolechia proximella (Teleiodes proximella) P 1984
Exoteleia dodecella P 1985
Mirificarma mulinella M 1940-
Neofaculta ericetella P 2000
Pseudotelphusa scalella P 1985~
Scrobipalpa acuminatella P 1966
Sophronia semicostella Uncommon in Warwickshire. P 1966
Teleiodes luculella P 1984
Teleiopsis diffinis M 1904-
Family Batrachedridae  
Batrachedra praeangusta P 1984
Family Coleophoridae  
Coleophora albicosta P nd
Coleophora alticolella P 1985
Coleophora caespititiella M 1904-
Coleophora glaucicolella P 1984
Coleophora gryphipennella M 1904-
Coleophora laricella   Larch Case-bearer M 1904-
Coleophora paripennella Unconfirmed specimen in the R.C. Bradley collection in the Birmingham Natural History Museum. P 1985
Coleophora pyrrhulipennella P 1988
Coleophora serratella P 1984
Coleophora spinella (S. cerasivorella)   Apple & Plum Case-bearer P 1984
Coleophora taeniipennella P 1984
Coleophora vitisella P nd
Family Elachistidae  
Elachista albidella (Biselachista albidella) P 1985~
Elachista albifrontella M 1904-
Elachista argentella P 1985
Elachista atricomella M 1904-
Elachista freyerella (Cosmiotes freyerella) M 1904-
Elachista gleichenella P 1988
Elachista luticomella M 1904-
Elachista obliquella (E. megerlella) M 1904-
Elachista utonella (Biselachista utonella) P 1984
Family Parametriotidae  
Chrysoclista linneella (Glyphipteryx linneella) M 1904-
Family Momphidae  
Mompha locupletella M 1904-
Mompha ochraceella P 1985~
Mompha raschkiella Fairly common in leaves of Epilobium angustifolium. P 1985
Family Blastobasidae  
Blastobasis adustella (B. lignea) P 2000
Blastobasis lacticolella (B decolorella) P 2000
Family Scythrididae  
Scythris grandipennis M 1904-
Family Alucitidae  
Alucita hexadactyla   Twenty-plume Moth Found frequently outside Park boundary. P 2000
Family Pterophoridae  
Emmelina monodactyla   Common Plume Moth P 2000
Platyptilia gonodactyla M 1904-
Pterophorus pentadactyla   White Plume Moth M 1900-
Stenoptilia pterodactyla M 1904-
Family Schreckensteiniidae  
Schreckensteinia festaliella M 1904-
Family Choreutidae  
Anthophila fabriciana   Nettle Tap P 2002
Prochoreutis myllerana M 1904-
Family Tortricidae  
Acleris bergmanniana (Croesia bergmanianna) P 1990
Acleris emargana P 1966
Acleris ferrugana P 1985~
Acleris forsskaleana (Croesia forsskaleana) M 1904-
Acleris hyemana P 1987
Acleris notana P 1966
Acleris rhombana   Rhomboid Tortrix P 1966
Acleris sparsana M 1904-
Acleris variegana   Garden Rose Tortrix M 1904-
Aethes cnicana Uncommon in Warwickshire. P 1966
Agapeta hamana P 2000
Aleimma loeflingiana P 1985~
Ancylis achatana P 1984
Ancylis apicella M 1892
Ancylis mitterbacheriana P 2000
Ancylis myrtillana M 1924
Aphelia paleana   Timothy Tortrix P 1985~
Aphelia viburnana   Bilberry Tortrix P 1984
Apotomis betuletana P 2000
Apotomis sauciana M 1904-
Apotomis turbidana P 2000
Archips crataegana   Brown Oak Tortrix P 1966
Archips podana   Large Fruit-tree Tortrix P 1966
Archips xylosteana   Variegated Golden Tortrix P 1985
Argyrotaenia ljungiana (A. pulchellana) P 1951
Bactra lancealana P 1966
Capua vulgana P 1966
Celypha lacunana (Olethreutes lacunana) P 2002
Celypha striana P 1991
Choristoneura diversana P 1961
Choristoneura hebenstreitella P 1985~
Clepsis consimilana P 1984
Clepsis spectrana   Cyclamen Tortrix P 1985~
Cnephasia asseclana (Cn. interjectana)   Flax Tortrix M 1904-
Cnephasia incertana   Light Grey Tortrix M 1900-
Cnephasia stephensiana   Grey Tortrix M 1904-
Cochylis nana P 1985~
Cydia fagiglandana P 1984
Cydia nigricana   Pea Moth P 1966
Cydia pomonella   Codling Moth P 1966
Cydia splendana P 2000
Cydia succedana P 2000
Dichrorampha petiverella M 1904-
Ditula angustiorana   Red-barred Tortrix M 1904-
Enarmonia formosana   Cherry-bark Moth Uncommon in Warwickshire. P 1966
Endothenia nigricostana P 1984
Epiblema foenella P 1955~
Epiblema sticticana (E. farfarae) P 1987
Epinotia bilunana P 2000
Epinotia brunnichana P 1966
Epinotia demarniana P 1991
Epinotia immundana Uncommon in Warwickshire. P 2001
Epinotia nisella P 1984
Epinotia ramella P 2000
Epinotia solandriana P 1966
Epinotia subocellana M 1897-
Epinotia tenerana   Nut Bud Moth Uncommon in Warwickshire. P 1966
Epinotia tetraquetrana P 1966
Epinotia trigonella (E. stroemiana) P 1966
Eulia ministrana P 1966
Grapholita jungiella (Cydia jungiella) P 1966
Gypsonoma dealbana P 1984
Hedya nubiferana (H. dimidioalba)   Marbled Orchard Tortrix P 2000
Hedya salicella P 1984
Hysterophora maculosana M 1904-
Lozotaenia forsterana M 1900-
Lozotaeniodes formosana P 2000
Notocelia cynosbatella (Epiblema cynosbatella) P 1985~
Notocelia roborana (Epiblema roborana) M 1904-
Notocelia rosaecolana (Epiblema rosaecolana) M 1904-
Notocelia uddmanniana (Epiblema uddmanniana)   Bramble Shoot Moth P 2017
Pammene argyrana M 1904-
Pammene giganteana (P. inquilana) M 1904-
Pammene regiana M 1904-
Pammene rhediella   Fruitlet Mining Tortrix M 1940-
Pandemis cerasana   Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix P 2000
Pandemis cinnamomeana P 1966
Pandemis corylana   Chequered Fruit-tree Tortrix P 2000
Pandemis heparana   Dark Fruit-tree Tortrix P 2017
Phiaris micana (Olethreutes olivana) M 1904-
Pseudargyrotoza conwagana M 1900-
Ptycholoma lecheana P 1984
Rhopobota myrtillana (Griselda myrtillana) P 1950-
Rhopobota naevana   Holly Tortrix P 1984
Rhyacionia buoliana   Pine Shoot Moth M 1904-
Rhyacionia pinicolana M 1904-
Spilonota ocellana   Bud Moth M 1900-
Strophedra nitidana M 1904-
Syndemis musculana P 2000
Tortricodes alternella M 1904-
Tortrix viridana   Green Oak Tortrix P 2017
Zeiraphera griseana (Z. diniana) M 1904-
Zeiraphera isertana M 1904-
Family Pyralidae  
Aglossa pinguinalis   Large Tabby M 1904-
Aphomia sociella   Bee Moth P 2017
Cryptoblabes bistriga M 1904-
Hypsopygia costalis   Gold Triangle P 2000
Matilella fusca (Pyla fusca) P 1965
Pyralis farinalis   Meal Moth M 1904-
Family Crambidae  
Agriphila straminella Common. P 2000
Agriphila tristella Common. P 2000
Anania coronata (Eurrhypara coronata, Phlyctaenia coronata)   Spotted Magpie Should this be Phyctaenia? P 2000
Anania hortulata (Eurrhypara hortulata)   Small Magpie Common. P 2017
Anania lancealis (Perinephela lancealis) P 2000
Catoptria margaritella Common; heathland species - only known site in VC 38 Warks. P 1988
Catoptria pinella P 2000
Chrysoteuchia culmella P 2017
Crambus lathoniellus (C. nemorella) P 1966
Crambus pascuella P 1966
Crambus perlella P 1966
Elophila nymphaeata   Brown China-mark P 1966
Eudonia lacustrata (Dipleurina lacustrata) P 2009
Eudonia mercurella (Dipleurina mercurella) P 2000
Eudonia truncicolella (Dipleurina truncicolella) P 1991
Evergestis forficalis   Garden Pebble P 1966
Nomophila noctuella   Rush Veneer P 2000
Nymphula nitidulata (Parapoynx stagnata)   Beautiful China-mark M 1904-
Parapoynx stratiotata   Ringed China-mark M 1904-
Pleuroptya ruralis   Mother of Pearl P 2009
Scoparia ambigualis P 2009
Scoparia ancipitella (S. ulmella) P 1991
Scoparia pyralella P 2009
Udea lutealis (U. elutalis) P 1965
Family Hesperiidae   Skippers  
Ochlodes sylvanus (Ochlodes venata)   Large Skipper Common. P 2002
Thymelicus sylvestris   Small Skipper Common. P 1998-
Family Pieridae   Whites and Yellows  
Anthocharis cardamines   Orange-tip Locally common. Some records are as ssp. britanica. Found in damp areas. P 1998-
Colias croceus   Clouded Yellow Numbers vary. Only seen in numbers in migration years. P 1986
Gonepteryx rhamni   Brimstone Frequent in Spring. P 1998-
Pieris brassicae   Large White Common. P 1998-
Pieris napi   Green-veined White Common. Some records are as ssp. sabellicae. P 1998-
Pieris rapae   Small White Common. P 1998-
Family Nymphalidae   Fritillaries, Vanessids and others  
Aglais io (Inachis io)   Peacock Common. P 1998-
Aglais urticae   Small Tortoiseshell Common. P 1998-
Aphantopus hyperantus   Ringlet P 2017
Argynnis adippe   High Brown Fritillary Doubtful. Some records are as ssp. vulgoadippe. D
Boloria euphrosyne   Pearl-bordered Fritillary D
Boloria selene   Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary Doubtful. Some records are of ssp. selene. There are two records in the Invertebrate Site Register, but no confirmation of these is known. D
Coenonympha pamphilus   Small Heath Common. Some records are as ssp. pamphilus. P 2017
Euphydryas aurinia (Eurodryas aurinia)   Marsh Fritillary Believed extinct. L 1951
Lasiommata megera   Wall Not common. P 1998
Maniola jurtina   Meadow Brown Common. Some records are as ssp. insularis. P 2002
Melanargia galathea   Marbled White One only. Some records are as ssp. serena. P 1999
Nymphalis antiopa   Camberwell Beauty One only. P 1995
Nymphalis polychloros   Large Tortoiseshell Doubtful. Recorded in the minutes of the Birmingham Natural History Society, but no confirmed records. D
Pararge aegeria   Speckled Wood Locally frequent. Some records are as ssp. tircis. P 2002
Polygonia c-album   Comma Numbers vary. P 1998-
Pyronia tithonus   The Gatekeeper Common. Some records are as ssp. britanniae. Recorded regularly 1995-99. P 2017
Vanessa atalanta   Red Admiral Seen most years. P 1998-
Vanessa cardui (Cynthia cardui)   Painted Lady Numbers vary. Seen in migration years. P 1998-
Family Lycaenidae   Blues, Coppers and Hairstreaks  
Callophrys rubi   Green Hairstreak Locally frequent. One large and a number of small colonies. L. J. Evans notes that it is not as common as it was in 1920-40. See also Sutton Park NNR Green Hairstreak Landscape Survey. P 1997
Celastrina argiolus   Holly Blue Common. Some records are as ssp. britanna. Common in most years, but numbers fluctuate. P 1998-
Cupido minimus   Small Blue Doubtful. The Invertebrate Site Register has a record (A.E. Stubbs 1965), but no confirmation of this is known. D
Favonius quercus (Quercusia quercus)   Purple Hairstreak Under-recorded. A number of records from 1990 to the present. Characteristic habitat is the high canopy of oak trees, hence rarely seen and probably considerably under-recorded. P 1999
Lycaena phlaeas   Small Copper Frequent. Not as common as it used to be. P 2013
Plebejus argus   Silver-studded Blue Doubtful. There are some unconfirmed records from the early 1900s. D
Polyommatus icarus   Common Blue Locally frequent. Occurs where leguminous plants grow. P 2017
Satyrium w-album (Strymonidia w-album)   White-letter Hairstreak One only. P 1996
Family Hepialidae   Swifts  
Hepialus humuli   Ghost Moth One only. P 1987
Korscheltellus fusconebulosa (Hepialus fusconebulosa)   Map-winged Swift Locally common. P 2017
Korscheltellus lupulina (Hepialus lupulinus)   Common Swift Common. P 1965~
Phymatopus hecta (Hepialus hecta)   Gold Swift Common. P 1965
Triodia sylvina (Hepialus sylvina)   Orange Swift Occasional. P 1965~
Family Cossidae  
Zeuzera pyrina   Leopard Moth Occasional. P 1965~
Family Sesiidae  
Sesia bembeciformis   Lunar Hornet Moth No recent record. Recorded before 1940 according to J. Robbins. M 1940-
Synanthedon culiciformis   Large Red-belted Clearwing One only. P 1988
Synanthedon vespiformis   Yellow-legged Clearwing D
Family Zygaenidae  
Adscita statices   The Forester No recent record. Recorded in 1920-40 according to J. Robbins. M 1930~
Zygaena filipendulae (Z. f. ssp. anglicola)   Six-spot Burnet Common. P 1985~
Zygaena lonicerae   Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet One recent record. P 1997
Family Drepanidae   Hook-tips  
Achlya flavicornis   Yellow Horned Numbers vary. Some records are as spp. galbanus. Fairly common some years. P 1965~
Cilix glaucata   Chinese Character Frequent. P 1990
Drepana falcataria   Pebble Hook-tip Fairly common. P 2017
Falcaria lacertinaria   Scalloped Hook-tip Frequent. P 2009
Habrosyne pyritoides   Buff Arches Fairly common. Larvae found on bramble. P 2009
Ochropacha duplaris   Common Lutestring Fairly common. Most specimens seen were the melanic form obscura. P 2000
Tethea ocularis   Figure of Eighty Frequent. Some records are as ssp. octogesimea. P 1991
Thyatira batis   Peach Blossom Fairly common. Larvae found on bramble. P 2017
Watsonalla binaria (Drepana binaria)   Oak Hook-tip Fairly common. P 1983
Family Lasiocampidae   Eggars  
Euthrix potatoria   The Drinker P 2017
Lasiocampa quercus   Oak Eggar Occasional. Records as ssp. quercus. Not as common as it used to be. P 1983
Lasiocampa quercus ssp. callunae? P 1956
Macrothylacia rubi   Fox Moth Fairly common. Urticating hairs on the larvae can cause irritation. P 2009
Poecilocampa populi   December Moth D
Family Saturniidae  
Saturnia pavonia (Pavonia pavonia)   Emperor Moth Common. Not as common as before the second world war. P 1997
Family Sphingidae   Hawk-moths  
Deilephila elpenor   Elephant Hawk-moth Frequent. P 1965~
Deilephila porcellus   Small Elephant Hawk-moth Common. Larvae feed on Heath Bedstraw. P 2009
Laothoe populi   Poplar Hawk-moth Frequent. P 2017
Macroglossum stellatarum   Hummingbird Hawk-moth D
Mimas tiliae   Lime Hawk-moth Occasional. P 1965~
Smerinthus ocellata   Eyed Hawk-moth One. P 1965~
Sphinx ligustri   Privet Hawk-moth D
Family Geometridae   Geometers  
Abraxas grossulariata   The Magpie One. This individual probably came from a perimeter garden. P 1965~
Acasis viretata   Yellow-barred Brindle Occasional. Has been found at rest on Holly trunks. P 2000
Aethalura punctulata   Grey Birch Fairly common. P 2000
Agriopis aurantiaria   Scarce Umber Common. P 1965~
Agriopis leucophaearia   Spring Usher Occasional. P 1965~
Agriopis marginaria   Dotted Border Frequent. P 1965~
Alcis repandata   Mottled Beauty Common. Some records are as ssp. repandata. P 1965~
Alsophila aescularia   March Moth Fairly common. P 1965~
Apocheima hispidaria   Small Brindled Beauty D
Archiearis parthenias   Orange Underwing Frequent. P 1965~
Biston betularia   Peppered Moth Common. Three forms occur in the Park: the type, white peppered with black; the melanic form carbonaria, totally black; and the intermediate form, insularia. Carbonaria, once about 95% of the population, appears to be reduced in numbers. P 2017
Biston strataria   Oak Beauty Status unclear. P 1965~
Bupalus piniaria   Bordered White Locally common. Found around pine plantations. P 1991
Cabera exanthemata   Common Wave Frequent. P 2009
Cabera pusaria   Common White Wave Common. P 2017
Campaea margaritaria   Light Emerald Common. P 2017
Camptogramma bilineata   Yellow Shell Locally common. Some records are as ssp. bilineata. P 2000
Chesias legatella   The Streak Occasional. P 1965~
Chiasmia clathrata   Latticed Heath One recent record. P 2017
Chloroclysta miata   Autumn Green Carpet No recent record. P 1960
Chloroclysta siterata   Red-green Carpet One recent record. P 2000
Chloroclystis v-ata   The V-Pug Frequent. P 1965~
Cidaria fulvata   Barred Yellow Locally frequent. Found near its food-plant (Rosa spp.). P 1965~
Colostygia multistrigaria   Mottled Grey Common. P 2009
Colostygia olivata   Beech-green Carpet No recent record. P 1960
Colostygia pectinataria   Green Carpet Frequent. P 2017
Colotois pennaria   Feathered Thorn Common. P 1965~
Comibaena bajularia (C. pustulata)   Blotched Emerald Fairly common. P 1983
Cosmorhoe ocellata   Purple Bar Fairly common. P 2017
Crocallis elinguaria (Selenia elinguaria)   Scalloped Oak One recent record. P 2000
Cyclophora linearia   Clay Triple-lines P 2017
Cyclophora punctaria   Maiden’s Blush Frequent. P 1965~
Deileptenia ribeata   Satin Beauty One recent record. P 2017
Dyscia fagaria   Grey Scalloped Bar No recent record. P 1965
Dysstroma citrata (Chloroclysta citrata)   Dark Marbled Carpet Fairly common. P 1965~
Dysstroma truncata (Chloroclysta truncata)   Common Marbled Carpet Common. P 2017
Earophila badiata (Anticlea badiata)   Shoulder Stripe Frequent. P 1965~
Ecliptopera silaceata   Small Phoenix Locally common. Occurs near its food-plant, Willow Herb. P 2000
Ectropis crepuscularia (Ectropis bistortata)   The Engrailed Fairly common. Records are mostly of the melanic form. P 1965~
Electrophaes corylata   Broken-barred Carpet Fairly common. P 1965~
Ematurga atomaria   Common Heath Very common. Some records are as subsp. atomaria. P 2009
Ennomos alniaria   Canary-shouldered Thorn Fairly common. P 1991
Ennomos erosaria   September Thorn Occasional. P 1965~
Ennomos fuscantaria   Dusky Thorn One record. P 1999
Ennomos quercinaria   August Thorn No recent record. Requires confirmation. M 1983
Epione repandaria   Bordered Beauty One only. P 1965~
Epirrhoe alternata   Common Carpet Common. Some records are as subsp. alternata. P 2017
Epirrhoe rivata   Wood Carpet D
Epirrita autumnata   Autumnal Moth Frequent. P 1990
Epirrita dilutata   November Moth Common. P 1965~
Erannis defoliaria   Mottled Umber Common. P 1965~
Euchoeca nebulata   Dingy Shell Uncommon. P 1965~
Eulithis mellinata (Lygris mellinata)   The Spinach Few records. P 1983
Eulithis populata   Northern Spinach Common. P 1965~
Eulithis testata   The Chevron Common. P 2000
Euphyia unangulata   Sharp-angled Carpet D
Eupithecia abbreviata   Brindled Pug Occasional. P 1965~
Eupithecia absinthiata   Wormwood Pug One recent record. P 2000
Eupithecia absinthiata f. goossensiata (E. goossensiata)   Ling Pug Locally common. The larvae are fairly common on heather. P 2000
Eupithecia exiguata   Mottled Pug One recent record. Some records are as ssp. exiguata. P 2000
Eupithecia icterata   Tawny Speckled Pug Occasional. Some records are as ssp. subfulvata. P 2000
Eupithecia indigata   Ochreous Pug D
Eupithecia intricata   Freyer’s Pug One recent record. Some records are as ssp. arceuthata. P 2000
Eupithecia lariciata   Larch Pug Occasional. P 1965~
Eupithecia linariata   Toadflax Pug One recent record. P 1990
Eupithecia nanata   Narrow-winged Pug Frequent. Some records are as subsp. angusta. P 2009
Eupithecia pimpinellata   Pimpinel Pug No recent record. P 1983
Eupithecia plumbeolata   Lead-coloured Pug D
Eupithecia pulchellata   Foxglove Pug One recent record. P 1990
Eupithecia pygmaeata   Marsh Pug Status unclear. The Invertebrate Site Register has an undated record via the Warwickshire Biological Records Centre, but this needs to be confirmed. M nd
Eupithecia subfuscata   Grey Pug One recent record. P 1991
Eupithecia succenturiata   Bordered Pug Occasional. P 1983
Eupithecia tenuiata   Slender Pug Locally common. Larvae common in sallow blossom. P 1965~
Eupithecia vulgata   Common Pug One recent record. Some records are as ssp. vulgata. P 2000
Geometra papilionaria   Large Emerald Common. P 2000
Gymnoscelis rufifasciata   Double-striped Pug Occasional. P 2000
Hemithea aestivaria   Common Emerald Common. P 2000
Hydria cervinalis (Rheumaptera cervinalis)   Scarce Tissue No recent record. P 1960
Hydria undulata (Rheumaptera undulata)   Scallop Shell One record. P 1990
Hydriomena furcata   July Highflyer Common. P 2000
Hydriomena ruberata   Ruddy Highflyer D
Hylaea fasciaria   Barred Red One recent record. P 2000
Idaea aversata   Riband Wave Common. The abnormal form remutaria without black bands is equally as common as the typical form. P 2017
Idaea biselata   Small Fan-footed Wave P 2009
Idaea seriata   Small Dusty Wave One only. P 2000
Idaea straminata   Plain Wave One recent record. P 2000
Jodis lactearia   Little Emerald Common. P 1965~
Lampropteryx suffumata   Water Carpet Frequent. P 1965~
Larentia clavaria   The Mallow D
Lobophora halterata   The Seraphim Frequent. P 1965~
Lomaspilis marginata   Clouded Border Common. P 2009
Lomographa bimaculata   White-pinion Spotted One recent record. P 2000
Lomographa temerata   Clouded Silver Common. P 2017
Macaria liturata (Semiothisa liturata)   Tawny-barred Angle Frequent. The melanic form nigrofulva has also been recorded. P 2017
Macaria wauaria (Semiothisa wauaria)   The V-Moth One. This is usually a garden species. P 1965~
Menophra abruptaria   Waved Umber Occasional. P 2000
Mesoleuca albicillata   Beautiful Carpet Frequent. P 1965~
Mesotype didymata (Perizoma didymata ssp. didymata)   Twin-spot Carpet Occasional. P 1965~
Odezia atrata   Chimney Sweeper One recent record. P 2017
Odontopera bidentata (Selenia bidentata)   Scalloped Hazel One recent record. P 2000
Operophtera brumata   Winter Moth Common. P 1965~
Opisthograptis luteolata   Brimstone Moth Fairly common. P 2017
Orthonama vittata   Oblique Carpet D
Ourapteryx sambucaria   Swallow-tailed Moth Frequent. P 1990
Paradarisa consonaria (Ectropis consonaria)   Square Spot Rare. P 1965~
Parectropis similaria   Brindled White-spot P 2017
Pasiphila rectangulata (Chloroclystis rectangulata)   Green Pug Frequent. P 1965~
Pennithera firmata (Thera firmata)   Pine Carpet No recent record. M 1938
Perconia strigillaria   Grass Wave Frequent. P 2017
Peribatodes rhomboidaria   Willow Beauty Common. P 2009
Perizoma albulata   Grass Rivulet No recent record. Some records are as ssp. albulata. P 1965
Perizoma alchemillata   Small Rivulet Occasional. P 2000
Petrophora chlorosata   Brown Silver-line Very common. P 2017
Phigalia pilosaria (Apocheima pilosaria)   Pale Brindled Beauty Fairly common. Both the type and the dark form are found. P 1965~
Plagodis dolabraria   Scorched Wing Frequent. P 2017
Pseudoterpna pruinata   Grass Emerald Common. Some records are as ssp. atropunctaria. P 2000
Rheumaptera hastata   Argent & Sable No recent record. Some records are as ssp. hastata. P 1954
Scopula floslactata   Cream Wave Occasional. Some records are as ssp. floslactata. P 1990
Scotopteryx luridata   July Belle Some records are as ssp. plumaria. P 2017
Scotopteryx mucronata   Lead Belle Common. P 1975~
Selenia dentaria   Early Thorn Fairly common. P 1965~
Selenia tetralunaria   Purple Thorn Two recent records. P 2000
Thera britannica (Thera variata ssp. britannica)   Spruce Carpet One recent record. P 2000
Thera obeliscata   Grey Pine Carpet Common. Mostly the dark form. P 2009
Timandra comae (T. griseata)   Blood-vein Frequent. P 2017
Triphosa dubitata   The Tissue One. P 1965~
Xanthorhoe designata   Flame Carpet Frequent. P 2017
Xanthorhoe ferrugata   Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet Fairly common. P 2000
Xanthorhoe fluctuata   Garden Carpet Fairly common. P 2017
Xanthorhoe montanata   Silver-ground Carpet Locally common. Some records are as ssp. montanata. P 2000
Xanthorhoe spadicearia   Red Twin-spot Carpet One record. P 2001
Family Notodontidae   Prominents and others  
Cerura vinula   Puss Moth Occasional. P 1965~
Clostera curtula   Chocolate-tip One recent record. P 1990
Drymonia ruficornis   Lunar Marbled Brown Frequent. Larvae recorded on oak. P 2000
Furcula bicuspis   Alder Kitten Two recent records. P 2001
Furcula bifida   Poplar Kitten No recent record. P 1983
Furcula furcula   Sallow Kitten D
Notodonta dromedarius   Iron Prominent Common. P 2009
Notodonta ziczac (Eligmodonta ziczac)   Pebble Prominent Occasional. P 2000
Odontosia carmelita   Scarce Prominent No recent record. P 1975~
Phalera bucephala   Buff-tip Fairly common. P 1965~
Pheosia gnoma   Lesser Swallow Prominent Fairly common. P 2017
Pheosia tremula   Swallow Prominent Occasional. P 2000
Pterostoma palpina   Pale Prominent Occasional. P 2017
Ptilodon capucina   Coxcomb Prominent Fairly common. P 2017
Family Arctiidae   Footmen and Tiger Moths  
Arctia caja   Garden Tiger One only. Mainly a garden or wayside species. P 1965~
Calliteara pudibunda (Dasychira pudibunda)   Pale Tussock Two recent records. P 2000
Catocala nupta   Red Underwing One only. P 1965~
Diacrisia sannio   Clouded Buff No recent record. L 1916
Dicallomera fascelina (Dasychira fascelina)   Dark Tussock Doubtful. The only record is from the Victoria County History. D
Eilema complana   Scarce Footman Locally common? P 2009
Eilema depressa   Buff Footman One recent record. P 2009
Eilema lurideola   Common Footman Two recent records. P 2009
Euclidia mi (Callistege mi)   Mother Shipton Locally common. P 1965~
Euproctis similis   Yellow-tail Frequent. P 2009
Herminia grisealis   Small Fan-foot Occasional. P 2017
Herminia tarsipennalis   The Fan-foot Occasional. P 1965~
Hypena proboscidalis   The Snout Frequent. P 2009
Laspeyria flexula   Beautiful Hook-tip No recent record. P 2017
Lymantria monacha   Black Arches One recent record. P 2009
Orgyia antiqua   The Vapourer Numbers vary. Common some years. P 1990
Parasemia plantaginis   Wood Tiger No recent record. Some records are as ssp. plantaginis. Not as common as it used to be. P 1965~
Pechipogo strigilata (Pechipogon strigilata, Herminia strigilata)   Common Fan-foot No recent record. P 1965~
Phragmatobia fuliginosa   Ruby Tiger Fairly common. Some records are as subsp. fuliginosa. P 2009
Rivula sericealis   Straw Dot One recent record. P 2017
Scoliopteryx libatrix   The Herald Frequent. P 2000
Spilosoma lubricipeda   White Ermine Occasional. P 2000
Spilosoma lutea   Buff Ermine Occasional. P 2017
Tyria jacobaeae   The Cinnabar Occasional. P 1965~
Family Noctuidae   Noctuas  
Abrostola tripartita (A. triplasia (e.g. in 1979 B&F list))   The Spectacle Occasional. P 2009
Acronicta alni   Alder Moth Frequent. The melanic form suffusa has been recorded from the Umberslade woodland. P 1965~
Acronicta auricoma   Scarce Dagger One record. P 1999
Acronicta leporina   The Miller Frequent. P 2000
Acronicta psi   Grey Dagger Common. P 2000
Acronicta rumicis   Knot Grass Frequent. P 1983
Acronicta tridens   Dark Dagger No Park record. It is difficult to separate A. tridens and A. psi adults by their superficial characters, and microscopic examination of their genitalia is needed. Their larval colours easily separate them. M 1965~
Agrochola circellaris   The Brick Common. P 1965~
Agrochola helvola   Flounced Chestnut Frequent. P 1990
Agrochola litura   Brown-spot Pinion Common. P 1983
Agrochola lota   Red-line Quaker Occasional. P 1965~
Agrochola lychnidis   Beaded Chestnut Common. P 1965~
Agrochola macilenta   Yellow-line Quaker Common. P 1965~
Agrotis exclamationis   Heart & Dart Common. P 2017
Agrotis ipsilon   Dark Sword-grass Migrant. Recorded most years in the Park. P 1983
Agrotis puta   Shuttle-shaped Dart Common. P 2009
Agrotis segetum   Turnip Moth Frequent. Mainly an agricultural species. P 1965~
Allophyes oxyacanthae   Green-brindled Crescent Common. All forms recorded from the type to the melanic form capaucina. P 1965~
Amphipoea lucens   Large Ear D
Amphipoea oculea   Ear Moth Occasional. (Genitalia not examined.) P 1965~
Amphipyra berbera (A. pyramidea ssp. berbera)   Svensson’s Copper Underwing Fairly common. Some records are as ssp. svenssoni. P 1983
Amphipyra pyramidea   Copper Underwing Common. Very similar in superficial characters to A. berbera ssp. svenssoni; examination of the genitalia is needed. P 2000
Amphipyra tragopoginis (A. tragopogonis)   Mouse Moth Frequent. P 2009
Anarta myrtilli   Beautiful Yellow Underwing Locally common. Found in areas of heather. P 2017
Anorthoa munda (Orthosia munda)   Twin-spotted Quaker Frequent. P 1965~
Antitype chi   Grey Chi Two only. P 1955~
Apamea anceps   Large Nutmeg No recent record. P 1983
Apamea crenata   Clouded-bordered Brindle Fairly common. P 2009
Apamea lithoxylaea   Light Arches Fairly common. P 1990
Apamea monoglypha   Dark Arches Common. P 2009
Apamea remissa   Dusky Brocade Fairly common. Two forms recorded; form obscura is the commonest. P 1965~
Apamea sordens   Rustic Shoulder-knot Fairly common. P 2009
Apamea unanimis   Small Clouded Brindle Occasional. P 1965~
Apterogenum ypsillon (Enargia ypsillon, Parastichtis ypsillon)   Dingy Shears D
Archanara dissoluta   Brown-veined Wainscot No recent record. (The Invertebrate Site Register has a record given as L.J. Evans 1970, but he states that he never recorded this species.) P 1975~
Atethmia centrago   Centre-barred Sallow D
Autographa gamma   Silver Y Common. Reinforced by migration. P 2000
Autographa jota   Plain Golden Y Frequent. P 1983
Autographa pulchrina   Beautiful Golden Y Frequent. P 2017
Axylia putris   The Flame Fairly common. P 2009
Brachylomia viminalis   Minor Shoulder-knot Fairly common. P 1983
Bryophila domestica (Cryphia domestica)   Marbled Beauty Frequent. P 2000
Caradrina clavipalpis   Pale Mottled Willow Occasional. P 1983
Caradrina morpheus   Mottled Rustic Frequent. P 1983
Ceramica pisi (Melanchra pisi)   Broom Moth Fairly common. P 2009
Cerapteryx graminis   Antler Common. P 2000
Charanyca trigrammica   Treble Lines Fairly common. P 1965~
Cirrhia gilvago (Xanthia gilvago)   Dusky-lemon Sallow One recent record. P 1999
Cirrhia icteritia (Xanthia icteritia)   The Sallow Common. P 1990
Coenobia rufa   Small Rufous Two recent records. P 2000
Conistra ligula   Dark Chestnut Occasional. P 1965~
Conistra vaccinii   The Chestnut Common. P 1990
Cosmia trapezina   The Dun-bar Common. P 2009
Deltote pygarga   Marbled White Spot P 2017
Deltote uncula   Silver Hook Only recently recorded. P 2009
Denticucullus pygmina (Photedes pygmina)   Small Wainscot Common. P 1983
Diachrysia chrysitis   Burnished Brass Common. P 1990
Diarsia brunnea   Purple Clay Common. P 2017
Diarsia dahlii   Barred Chestnut Common. P 2000
Diarsia mendica   Ingrailed Clay Common. Some records are as subsp. mendica. P 2017
Diarsia rubi   Small Square-spot Common. P 2009
Diloba caeruleocephala   Figure of Eight D
Dypterygia scabriuscula   Bird’s Wing Frequent. P 1965~
Enargia paleacea   Angle-striped Sallow One recent record. P 2000
Eugnorisma depuncta   Plain Clay No recent record. P 1980
Eugnorisma glareosa (Paradiarsia glareosa ssp. glareosa)   Autumnal Rustic Common. P 2000
Euplexia lucipara   Small Angle Shades Common. P 1990
Eupsilia transversa   The Satellite Common. P 1965~
Euxoa nigricans   Garden Dart Occasional. P 1965~
Euxoa obelisca   Square-spot Dart Some records are as ssp. grisea. D
Euxoa tritici   White-line Dart Occasional. P 1983
Gortyna flavago   Frosted Orange Occasional. P 1965~
Graphiphora augur   Double Dart Common. P 1965~
Griposia aprilina (Dichonia aprilina)   Merveille du Jour Frequent. P 1990
Hada plebeja (Hada nana)   The Shears No recent record. P 1988
Hecatera bicolorata   Broad-barred White D
Hoplodrina blanda   The Rustic Frequent. P 1965~
Hoplodrina octogenaria (Hoplodrina alsines)   The Uncertain No recent record. M 1983
Hydraecia micacea   Rosy Rustic Occasional. P 1965~
Lacanobia contigua   Beautiful Brocade D
Lacanobia oleracea   Bright-line Brown-eye Frequent. P 2009
Lacanobia thalassina   Pale-shouldered Brocade Fairly common. P 2009
Lacanobia w-latinum   Light Brocade D
Leucania comma (Mythimna comma)   Shoulder-striped Wainscot Fairly common. P 2009
Lithophane ornitopus   Grey Shoulder-knot One recent record. P 2009
Litoligia literosa (Mesoligia literosa)   Rosy Minor Common. Specimens found in the Park are darker than the coastal form. P 2017
Luperina testacea   Flounced Rustic Common. P 2000
Lycophotia porphyrea   True Lover's Knot Common. P 2000
Mamestra brassicae   Cabbage Moth Occasional. A moth of vegetable patch or agricultural land. P 2000
Melanchra persicariae   Dot Moth Common. P 2000
Mesapamea secalis agg.   Common Rustic Common. In the last decade this species has been separated into two; examination of the genitalia of Park specimens has yet to be undertaken. P 2009
Mniotype adusta (Blepharita adusta)   Dark Brocade Occasional. P 1965~
Mormo maura   Old Lady Occasional. Several seen at ‘sugar’ on willow trees near streams. P 1983
Mythimna conigera   Brown-line Bright-eye Fairly common. P 2000
Mythimna ferrago   The Clay Fairly common. P 2009
Mythimna impura   Smoky Wainscot Common. Some records are as subsp. impura. P 2009
Mythimna pallens   Common Wainscot Common. P 1991
Naenia typica   The Gothic Occasional. Mainly a garden species. P 1965~
Noctua comes   Lesser Yellow Underwing Common. P 2009
Noctua fimbriata   Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing Frequent. P 2009
Noctua interjecta   Least Yellow Underwing One recent record. Some records are as ssp. caliginosa. P 2000
Noctua janthina   Langmaid's Yellow Underwing, Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing Common. P 2000
Noctua pronuba   Large Yellow Underwing Common. P 2009
Nonagria typhae   Bulrush Wainscot One recent record. P 1990
Ochropleura plecta   Flame Shoulder Common. P 2009
Oligia fasciuncula   Middle-barred Minor Common. P 2000
Oligia latruncula   Tawny Marbled Minor Common. P 1965~
Oligia strigilis   Marbled Minor Common. The superficial characters of O. strigilis, O. versicolor and O. latruncula are masked by melanism and microscopic examination of the genitalia is required to confirm. P 1965~
Oligia versicolor   Rufous Minor Fairly common. P 1965~
Omphaloscelis lunosa   Lunar Underwing D
Orthosia cerasi (O. stabilis)   Common Quaker Common. P 2009
Orthosia cruda   Small Quaker Common. This and the other Othosia spp. are usually seen at Sallow blossom in spring. P 1965~
Orthosia gothica   Hebrew Character Common. P 2000
Orthosia incerta   Clouded Drab Common. P 2009
Panemeria tenebrata   Small Yellow Underwing Doubtful. The date of recording is outside the normal occurrence time of the adult. D
Panolis flammea   Pine Beauty Fairly common. Found around pine plantations. P 2000
Papestra biren   Glaucous Shears Frequent. P 1965~
Parastichtis suspecta   The Suspected Common. P 2000
Peridroma saucia   Pearly Underwing Migrant. Fairly common some years. P 1965~
Phlogophora meticulosa   Angle Shades Common. P 2000
Photedes minima   Small Dotted Buff Fairly common. P 1965~
Plusia festucae   Gold Spot One recent record. P 1991
Plusia putnami   Lempke’s Gold Spot No recent record. Some records are as ssp. gracilis. P 1983
Polia nebulosa   Grey Arches Locally common. Generally found in woodlands. P 1965~
Polychrysia moneta   Golden Plusia One recent record. Normally a garden species; larvae feed on Delphinium. P 1990
Pyrrhia umbra   Bordered Sallow No recent record. P 1960
Rusina ferruginea   Brown Rustic Common. P 2017
Subacronicta megacephala (Acronicta megacephala)   Poplar Grey Occasional. P 2000
Thalpophila matura   Straw Underwing Occasional. P 1965~
Tholera cespitis   Hedge Rustic No recent record. P 1983
Tiliacea citrago (Xanthia citrago)   Orange Sallow D
Xanthia togata   Pink-barred Sallow Frequent. P 1990
Xestia agathina   Heath Rustic Fairly common. P 2000
Xestia baja   Dotted Clay Common. P 2000
Xestia c-nigrum (Amathes c-nigrum)   Setaceous Hebrew Character Frequent. P 2000
Xestia castanea   Neglected Rustic No recent record. P 1975~
Xestia sexstrigata   Six-striped Rustic Common. P 1991
Xestia triangulum   Double Square-spot Fairly common. P 1965~
Xestia xanthographa   Square-spot Rustic Common. P 2009
Xylocampa areola   Early Grey Frequent. P 1965~
Family Nolidae  
Bena bicolorana (Bena prasinana)   Scarce Silver-lines Uncommon. P 1989
Nola confusalis   Least Black Arches One recent record. P 2000
Nola cucullatella   Short-cloaked Moth Occasional. P 1965~
Pseudoips prasinana (Pseudoips fagana ssp. britannica)   Green Silver-lines Frequent. Some records are as ssp. humuli. P 1991